Steen Cannons & Ordinance Company

Our History

Steen Cannons was started in early 1993 by Marshall Steen, It is the major supplier of ordnance for the National Park Service. Some of Steen Cannons customers in addition to the NPS are reinactors, cities, states and museums.


Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide our customers with full scale authentic reproductions of original pieces that can be used either for decorative purposes or fully operable firing pieces. All of our cannons are manufactured from specifications of artillery from the Land Services of the United States. We will also consider manufacturing any model as long as we can be provided with working drawings of the project. 

About Marshall Steen

Marshall was a third generation mortician (Funeral Director/Embalmer) and was in the service related business all of his life. He formerly served the community as Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) of Boyd County, Kentucky, and as a City Commissioner in Ashland, Kentucky. Marshall made it a point to always be available to communicate with you, the customer, when it came to answering questions related to artillery. After selling one of the most successful paint businesses in Kentucky, Marshall transferred his knowledge of paint finishes, along with his many years of being an experienced furniture and cabinet maker, to be able to supply his customers with the most state-of-the-art carriages available in the market place for long lasting durability.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our barrels meet the highest standard in the industry and are finished with the highest grade products available to us. We guarantee that our gun carriages are built with finish grade kiln-dried solid oak and are treated with the highest quality methods and products prescribed by the National Paint Institute. However, even though we guarantee to use the highest grade lumber, we can not guarantee that in time, because of the differences in climate and humidity and the nature of wood to take on and give off moisture that, some cracking in the lumber will not occur.

We require a one-half down payment to begin orders on all carriages and barrels, with the remaining balance due one week before shipment. When ordering carriage parts or implements, we require payment in advance. We accept all major credit cards on all items under $500.00.

Competition Comparison

Before you purchase a complete cannon, barrel, or carriage, be sure you compare all of our manufacturing specifications and all of our finishing steps with our competitors. You will find that Steen Cannons cannot be surpassed in quality and workmanship.

Marshall In Uniform.JPG

Marshall L. Steen

02/11/1952 - 02/06/2018