The bronze mountain howitzer, originally classified for mountain service, was in fact a light fieldpiece of great mobility for use in all kinds of rough terrain. This little brute could shoot the  same ammunition as the 12-pounder field howitzer and the 12-pounder Napoleon (except for solid shot). It was made on three different types of carriages the First Model Prairie Carriage,  Second Model Prairie Carriage and the Pack Carriage.  Made originally in Bronze, we produce the tube in Gray (Cast) Iron also. For someone who is looking for a small cannon that they can put in the back of a pickup truck and go play or display proudly in a family room then this is the ticket. This cannon has a very big history, being used in the Mexican War, Civil War and Indian Wars. Both barrels, bronze or cast iron comes with a steel sleeve of 1/2″ wall thickness with the BIGGEST bore (3.62 or a true 6-pounder) in the industry. Before you purchase a cannon from someone else compare our barrel specifications against theirs. WE guarantee our barrels are the safest in the industry, when it comes to your life, that’s nice to know.

12-Pounder Mountain Howitzer, Model of 1835

  • Origin:            Artillery from The United States
    Bore:             Originally 4.62" ours 3.62"
    Length:          37.21"
    Weight:          210 lbs
    Carriage:        First Model Prairie Carriage, First Model Prairie Carriage cast                         in Ductile Iron, Second Model Prairie Carriage, 
    Cast:              Gray Iron with steel liner, Naval Gun Bronze with steel liner