Since heavy artillery made up the first line of defense of the United States, more attention was paid to it, and money spent on it, than on field artillery. In January, 1860 there were 61 forts and batteries that defended America’s coastal cities, this does not account for the numerous forts that guarded the U.S Capital and along the rivers. A lot of these cannons were mounted on Siege Carriages or Barbette Carriages that were designed to be higher than the walls of fortifications. Our 18-pounder currently is only made as a decorative cannon and can be mounted on a Siege carriage or on a Front Pintle Barbette Carriage.

18-Pounder Iron Siege Gun, Model of 1845

  • Bore:       5.3 inches
    Length:    123 inches
    Weight:    Originally 4752 pounds ours 1600 pounds
    Carriage:  Siege or Barbette
    Cast:        Cast in Aluminum