James Woodruff was a prominent citizen of Quincy, Illonois, whose business interests included real estate and the Woodruff and Hayes Carriage Co. He found time to serve as a member of the delegation to Washington to suggest Quincy as a good location for a proposed national arsenal. His invention was a little smoothbore expected to “do the work of a six pounder, for it could be drawn by men instead of horses in the event the horses were killed in battle. Since these were smoothbores, and since there is no record of special projectiles for them, it seems reasonable they were expected to fire 2.02 to 2.06-inch standard iron balls intended for 12-pounder grape shot or 32-pounder canister. According to contemporary ordnance manuals, this ball was expected to weigh 1.14 pounds. In addition, we interpret the phrase about lead balls in the canister to mean that each tier would contain 7 one-ounce balls, which would fit into a tube slightly over 2-inch diameter to be accommodated by a 2 1/8 inch gun bore.

2-1/8-inch Woodruff Gun

  • Oirigin:       James Woodruff

    Bore:         2-inches

    Length:      37.32 inches

    Weight:      115 lbs.

    Carriage:    First Model Prairie Carriage, First Model Prairie Carriage cast in                      Ductile Iron - (call for pricing)

    Cast:          Gray Iron with steel liner