The mystery gun; WHY? because no one knows for sure anything about this beautiful gun. Although there are several of these cannons that still exists,  why they were made or who they were made for is still a mystery. Probably sold to Home-Guard units to protect towns or purchased as Cadet Guns are some possibilities. Maybe the Mormons purchased these cannons when they were building their army before going out west. One thing for sure, it was manufactured by Ames Manufacturing Co. in the 1840′s, 50′s and possibly in the early 1860′s . These little cannons have shown up in 3-pounder and 4-pounder versions.  We make ours in a 3-inch bore in either naval gun bronze or cast (Gray) iron.

Ames 3-pounder / 4-pounder

  • Origin:        From originals out in the field

    Bore:          3 inch

    Length:      42.5"

    Weight:      280 lbs

    Carriage:    First Model Prairie Carriage, First Model Prairie Carriage                                 cast in Ductile Iron

    Cast:         Gray Iron with steel liner, Naval Gun Bronze with steel liner