The familiar Confederate Napoleon that is very recognizable is characterized by absence of muzzle swell, sensibly uniform taper of the chase, a cylindrical reinforce which reverts to the Federal standard at 15 inches in length, and a slender knob and neck variously described as “grain of corn” or “rolling pin handle.”  These guns were produced at four government locations and at Tredegar Foundry.

Augusta Foundry or Type 5 12-Pounder Napoleon

  • Origin:         Artillery from The Confederate States
    Bore:           4.62
    Length:       72.55"
    Weight:       1200 lbs
    Carriage:     No. 2 Field Carriage, No. 2 Field Carriage cast in                                       Aluminum, No. 2 Field Carriage cast in Ductile Iron
    Cast:           Cast in Gray Iron with steel Liner, Naval Gun Bronze with                           steel liner