Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site in La Junta, CO, helps tell the story of survival in the “Great American Desert.” Fur traders William and Charles Bent built the fort in 1833. Durning its heyday before the Mexican-American War the fort on the Santa Fe Trail was the most important outpost of white civilization in the Southwest.


Cannons were used for defense, for signaling the beginning of trade that day and for announcing someone’s arrival. The original fort had two transverse coroners that were flanked with bastions. the fort had one 6-pounder and two Swivel guns. The original cannon that we made the pattern to cast the gun was marked “A. Fulton Pittsburgh.”


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Bents Old Fort Swivel Gun

  • Origin:             Fort Bent
    Bore:              1.5 - inches
    Weight:           110 lbs.
    Carriage:         Swivel
    Cast:               Gray Iron with steel liner | Naval Gun Bronze
    Price:Call for pricing in either gray iron or bronze