The British Light 6-pounder Gun is from the Treatise of Artillery 1780 by John Muller and the Course of Artillery by C. W. Rudyerd 1793. Originally cast in bronze but often seen in iron this barrel was used during the American Revolution and the War of 1812. We offer this tube in naval gun bronze, gray iron and non-firing aluminum.
Both bronze and gray iron are sleeved but comes with full bore.

British Light 6-Pounder (Circa 1776)

  • Oirigin:         A Treatise of Artillery 1780 by John Muller, Artillery from The                      United States - Special Order Cannons Course of Artillery by                      Rudyerd

    Bore:           3.62 inch - smooth bore

    Length:       54 inches

    Weight:       Approximately 750 lbs

    Carriage:     All Aluminum Traveling Carriage, Traveling or Garrison split                        trail wood carriage

    Cast:           Aluminum, Gray Iron, Naval Gun Bronze