In 1848 Lieutenant John A. Dahlgren, of the U.S. Navy, was assigned to determine the suitability of army mountain howitzers for mastheads, small boats, and landing parties. Not satisfied with their performance, Dahlgren initiated what was to become the development of a family of similar small bronze weapons for the following purposes: To attack small vessels that are highly armed, to cover the landing of regular troops and to accompany parties of seamen when disembarked. There is three different sizes of Dahlgren Boat Howitzers, Small, Light and Heavy. Currently our company produces the Light and Heavy. On a side note, During the First Battle of  Manassas (Bull Run)  where the 71st News York was part of Burnside’s Brigade, the 12-pounder boat howitzers were served by Co. I under Captain Ellis. There are other accounts where these guns were used other than by the navy.

Dahlgren Light & Heavy 12-pounder Boat Howitzer

  • Origin:        Artillery from The United States - Special Order Cannons
    Bore:          4.62
    Length:       51"
    Weight:       Heavy 750 lbs or Light 430 lbs.
    Carriage:     Heavy boat howitzer, Light boat howitzer
    Cast:           Gray Iron with steel liner (Sub-Bored to 3.62") | Naval Gun                            Bronze with steel liner