Noble Brothers and Company of Rome, Georgia, produced at least twenty-two 6-pounders guns, fifteen of cast iron and seven of bronze. There is also evidence because of surviving pieces that Noble Bros. using the same pattern produced  3-inch rifles in cast iron. One distinguishing characteristic of Noble Brothers tubes is a short heavy neck and flattened ball suggesting an empty spool of thread. This is truly a streamline looking tube with a very distinguishing look that says “I’m Confederate!” We make this tube in all forms mentioned above.

Noble Bros. and Co. Bronze & Iron 6-Pounder / 3-inch Rifle

  • Origin:        Artillery from The Confederate States
    Bore:          3-inch (Rifled) | 3.62 inch - smooth bore
    Length:       65.5"
    Weight:       892 lbs
    Carriage:     No. 1 Field Carriage, No. 1 Field Carriage cast in Aluminum,                      No. 1 Field Carriage cast in Ductile Iron,
    Cast:          Gray Iron with steel liner, Naval Gun Bronze with steel liner