While both armies were becoming entrenched late in the Civil War, the Confederacy also found increasing need for Coehorns. Although the most common Coehorns were made at the Tredegar Iron Works, A possible source of additional Coehorns comes from the research of Larry Daniel. Studying the records of Selma Naval Gun Foundry, he found that 19 Coehorns had been manufactured, presumable of cast iron, from 29 July 1864 through 26 September 1864. Our pattern was made from the only known survivor of this model. Cast solid and then machine bored we insert a steel sleeve with a sub-bore of 4.62 inches.

Selma Arsenal Coehorn Mortar


    Origin:      Artillery from The Confederate States
    Bore:        4.62
    Length:     16.32"
    Weight:     185 lbs
    Carriage:  Oak Mortar Bed ($995)
    Cast:        Cast in Gray Iron with steel Liner