Tredegar produced thirty howitzers of cast iron between 13 November and 14 June 1862. To compensate for the ample demonstrated inferiority of cast iron in comparison with bronze, about 100 pounds of metal were applied where it belonged, at the breech. Most important, the grotesque ornamentation, so much a part of gun founding for centuries, was abandoned. Quite sensibly, Tredegar joined others who realized that the pressure at one end of the powder chamber was the same as that at the other. Therefore the reinforce should be a straight cylinder, not tapered as it always had been. Finally, a spherical sector, not quite a full hemisphere, was the shape selected for the breech.  Our Tredegar is a faithfully reproduction of this model. Because this barrel is cast in gray iron, it comes with a steel liner, straight bore without a chamber and is sub-bored to 3.62″ instead of the original 4.62″

Tredegar Iron 12-Pounder Field Howitzer

  • Origin:           The Tredegar Foundry Collection C.S.A.
    Bore:             Sub-bored to 3.62 inches
    Length:         Approx. 60 inches
    Weight:         885 lbs
    Carriage:       No. 1 Field Carriage, No. 1 Field Carriage cast in Aluminum,                          No. 1 Field Carriage cast in Ductile Iron
    Cast:             Gray Iron with steel liner (Sub-Bored to 3.62")