The largest number of identical Confederate Napoleons were those made of iron. During 1864 the Tredegar Iron Works produced 105, with another 20 early in 1865. Tredegar Iron Napoleons were reinforced by a breech band, presumably of wrough iron. These tubes look like a parrott rifle on steroids. Rimbases were blended to the barrel with generous flaring, as with the Type 5 bronze Confederate Napoleons except those from Augusta Foundry. Because of the design, this barrel will not fit on a standard field carriage without moving the elevation screw forward 3.5″.

Tredegar Iron 12-Pounder Napoleon, Model 1863


    Origin:        The Tredegar Foundry Collection C.S.A.
    Bore:          4.62
    Length:       72"
    Weight:       1300 lbs
    Carriage:     No. 2 Field Carriage, No. 2 Field Carriage cast in Aluminum, No.                    2 Field Carriage cast in Ductile Iron

    Cast:           Gray Iron with steel liner