The 2.25-inch Mountain Rifle appears in two Confederate ordnance manuals with as much detail as any other field piece of artillery.  Called Model 1862, records of its manufacture were entered in three Tredegar sources. Eighteen pieces were apparently cast from bronze and one forged from wrought iron between Dec. 20,1861 and June of 1862. Every description on the Gun Foundry Book includes the words “mountain rifle,” but not the bore size. The mountain rifle has 3 grooves (sawtooth) and a twist of one turn in 10 feet. We make this tube in the same sawtooth  rifled version or in smooth bore. This tube requires it’s own special carriage.

Tredegar Mountain Rifle, Bronze/Iron

  • Origin:          The Tredegar Foundry Collection C.S.A.
    Bore:            2.25
    Length:        44"
    Weight:        190 lbs
    Carriage:      Special Mountain Rifle Carriage
    Cast:            Gray Iron with steel liner, Naval Gun Bronze with steel liner