Companion weapons to Civil War guns were Howitzers-smoothbore cannon. As a rule, designed to throw large projectiles with comparatively light charges of powder concentrated at the bottom of the tube by means of a chamber. They were lighter than guns of the same caliber and at short ranges with shell, case, grape, or canister were considerably more effective. The 12-pounder is the smallest version of the three 1841  Field howitzers used in a battery.  Although all howitzers have powder chambers at the bottom of the bore we only will produce a straight bore because of the necessity of requiring a steel liner. Because most howitzer have thinner walls it is sometimes necessary to have a bore size smaller than the original. All other aspects are the same as the original.

U.S. Model 1841 Field Howitzer 12-Pounder

  • Origin:         Artillery from The United States
    Bore:           Originally 4.62" ours 3.62"
    Length:       58.6"
    Weight:       785 lbs
    Carriage:     No. 1 Field Carriage, No. 1 Field Carriage cast in Aluminum, No.                    1 Field Carriage cast in Ductile Iron
    Cast:           Aluminum Non Firing Decorative, Gray Iron with steel liner,                            Naval Gun Bronze with steel liner