The 3.67-inch, U.S. “20-pounder” parrott like it’s smaller cousin went through a model change.
In addition to the army type a navy type was introduced that was a little longer (91.5 inches) and had the navy type cascabel. Our version (Army) is one solid casting that is machine bored and sleeved either with a rifled or smother bore liner. The outside of the barrel is fully machined to the original specifications using CNC lathes and milling machines. We also offer this model in a aluminum decorative  barrel for those who just want the appearance of a fully functional cannon.

U.S. Parrott Rifle 3.67 (20-Pounder)

  • Origin:        Artillery from The United States
    Bore:          3.62 inch - either rifled or smooth
    Length:      total length 89.5 inches
    Weight:      1820 lbs
    Carriage:    No. 3 Field Carriage, No. 3 Field Carriage cast in Aluminum
    Cast:         Aluminum - Non Firing, Gray Iron - Rifled Bore, Gray Iron -                            Smooth Bore