Fort Pulsaki, GA

The Battle of Fort Pulaski was fought April 10–11, 1862, during the American Civil War. Union forces on Tybee Island and naval operations conducted a 112-day siege, then captured the Confederate-held Fort Pulaski after a 30-hour bombardment. The battle is important for innovative use of rifled guns which made existing coastal defenses obsolete. The Union initiated large scale amphibious operations under fire.

The fort’s surrender strategically closed Savannah as a port. The Union extended its blockade and aids to navigation down the Atlantic coast, then redeployed most of its 10,000 troops. The Confederate army-navy defense blocked Federal advance for over three months, secured the city, and prevented any subsequent Union advance from seaward during the war. Coastal rail connections were extended to blockaded Charleston SC.

Fort Pulaski is located on Cockspur Island, Georgia, near the mouth of the Savannah River. The Fort commanded seaward approaches to the City of Savannah. it was commercially and industrially important as a cotton exporting port, railroad center and the largest manufacturing center in the state, including a state arsenal and private shipyards.[7] Two southerly estuaries led to the Savannah River behind the fort. Immediately east of Pulaski, and in sight of Hilton Head Island SC lay Tybee Island with a lighthouse station.

Steen Cannons made Fort Pulaski a 12-pounder field howitzer, model of 1841 and a 30-pounder parrott rifle on an all aluminum siege carriage. Both guns are fired on a regular basis in their black powder program.

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