Fort Curtis, Helena, AR

In August 1862 the Union forces occupying Helena erected on this site a redoubt of earth and timbers to serve as the key to the city’s defenses. Fort Curtis, named for the Union general in command at the time of construction, was one of five fortified positions which enabled Union soldiers to repulse a Confederate attack on July 4, 1863, designed to recapture the city and relieve the siege at Vicksburg. On the day of the attack 4,129 Union officers and men, under General Prentiss, were positioned in and around the fort against 7,648 Confederate troops under General Holmes.

Steen Cannons provided two 24-pounder Siege Guns on Front Pintle Barbette Carriages and a 2.9 (10-pounder) parrott rifle on a No. 1 field carriage. Check out the pictures of the fort today and also the two new 24-pounders. Also, if you visit the fort there is a great place to stay called the “Edwardian” Bed and Breakfast. The Edwardian is just three blocks from the fort. I posted a picture of this grand B & B so you can see it. Helena, AR is an easy stop if your going down to Vicksburg or coming up to Memphis, TN. It is definitely worth the stop.


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