Union County (Marysville), Ohio Gets Two New Carriages

Military heritage

Union County has a military heritage dating back to the American Revolution, and was a frequent location for the organization of military companies. Because the government paid the soldiers with land grants in the west during the revolution, Union County became home to many of these soldiers after the war. A notable soldier was Col. W.L. Curry, who served on the Virginia Line. A recorded 14 soldiers from the revolution eventually made their way to Union County, with many others unrecorded because of poor record keeping. Norton P. Chipman, co-founder of the Grand Army of the Republic, author of order creating Memorial Day, and U.S. Congressman

The War of 1812 broke out with early battles fought in the Northwest Territory, including Lake Erie. A descendant of a hero, Oliver Hazard Perry, from the War of 1812, named Robert S. Beightler, was a native of Union County. A company of 13 Union County men was assembled for this war, with many other natives of Union County joining companies from outside the county, including a company formed by Jonathan Alder. Over 100 natives of the county would serve in the war.[39]

When the Mexican War broke in 1845 following the annexation of Texas into the United States, Union County enthusiastically provided men, totalling over 30.[40] Union County Veterans Memorial, Marysville

The American Civil War followed, which was not greeted in the same manner the previous war was. However, Union County would provide 3200 men for that war, suffering the casualties of 1,035 wounded, killed, or missing, while producing notable leaders such as Norton P. Chipman. They fought in 31 principal battles, from Bull Run to Appomattox.

Steen Cannons refurbished Union Counties two original 3-inch ordnance rifles and placed them on two new all aluminum gun carriages. These two cannons are now on display in front of the Union County Court House.

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