Circleville, Ohio gets new carriage for their 20-pounder Parrott

Circleville, Ohio

Daniel Dresbach founded the community of Circleville along the Scioto River in 1810. The town received its name from circular earthworks that Hopewell Indians had constructed in the area, although urban development has destroyed many of those original mounds. Circleville became the county seat for Pickaway County in 1810, and the first courthouse was built in the middle of the circular earthworks for which the community was named.

Dresbach laid out Circleville in a circular pattern. During the 1830s, residents tired of the unusual street patterns. In 1837, the Ohio legislature authorized the Circleville Squaring Company to redesign the community with a more traditional grid pattern. The Circleville Squaring Company completed work in 1856. This marked one of the earlier examples of urban redevelopment in the United States. Most of the native earthworks disappeared as a result of this redevelopment.

Steen Cannons refurbished and provided a new No. 3 Field Carriage for Circleville’s 20-pounder parrott rifle now on display in their cemetery

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