Elyria, Ohio gets new Carriage, Limber and Ammunition Chest for CW Monument

Inscribed on the Civil War Monument Elyria To Her Heroes Who Fought and Her Martyrs Who Fell That the Republic Might Live 1861 – 1865

The 41 ft. 8 in. monument was designed sculptor Joseph Carabelli. The monument was dedicated June 26, 1888 and cost $8,500. The Smithsonian Art Inventory describes the monument as follows:

A Civil War soldier stands holding a draped flag with the pole resting at his feet. He is dressed in a Union cape, coat and billed cap. The sculpture is mounted atop a tall, columnar base with a cornice-like cap piece. Acanthus and palm leaves decorate the bottom of the cornice. Stars in relief ring the shaft midway down. At the bottom front of the shaft, an eagle atop a starred shield, flags and laurel leaves are depicted. On each side of the lower monument, below the shaft, stand two full-length Civil War soldiers. The soldier on the west side wears a billed cap and a knee-length coat draped with a cape. He holds a rifle barrel with both hands in front of him, the butt of which rests at his feet. The soldier on the east side wears a bushy mustache and is dressed in a cape over a knee-length coat, a brimmed hat and knee-high boots. He rests both hands atop the handle of a sheathed sword which rests on the ground at his feet. Depicted on the lower portion of the front of the base is a pair of crossed flags and an anchor, in relief. The monument is surrounded by a fence and situated near a large, active water fountain.

Steen Cannons furnished the city of Elyria and new all aluminum gun carriage, limber and ammo chest for their original Model 1841 6-pounder.

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