Boston National Historical Park gets new British 18-Pounder Cannon

The Boston National Historical Park is an association of sites that showcase Boston‘s role in the American Revolution. It was designated a national park on October 1, 1974. Seven of the eight sites are connected by the Freedom Trail, a walking tour of downtown Boston.

Several of the sites within the park are neither owned nor operated by the National Park Service, and operate through cooperative agreements established upon the park’s creation. The park service also operates visitor centers in downtown Boston and at the Charlestown Navy Yard, as well as the Bunker Hill Museum, not far from the Bunker Hill Monument. All eight properties are National Historic Landmarks.

Charlestown Navy Yard

The Charlestown Navy Yard is located on the southern edge of Charlestown on the banks of the Charles River. Used during the American Revolutionary War as a shipyard, it continued to serve as a base of the United States Navy until 1975, when the Navy turned the property over to the National Park Service. The Yard is home to the USS Constitution (the oldest floating commissioned naval vessel in the world), and the USS Cassin Young, a destroyer from the Second World War that is now operated as a museum ship.

Steen Cannons to furnish reproduction British 18-pounder cannon barrel to the Charlestown Navy Yard.

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